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How much would you pay to solve the problem of securely storing your seed phrase,

on which your entire crypto investment depends, for life?

Cuvex Welcome Pack

Selfcustody of your seed phrase. Cuvex Welcome Pack includes a total of 3 NFC cards.

Take advantage of the discount on the latest Cuvex 1.0 units

No experience needed

Easy to use

Sovereign and secure Self-custody



Join the sovereign and

secure self -custody

We have designed and patented Cuvex

* Patent Aplication P202231090

Manage Cards



Clone Cards

Firmware Update


Cold Encryption for Seed Phrase recovery.

We have designed and patented Cuvex, a cold encryption device, meaning it has no connection to the internet or any other device. With Cuvex, you can create an AES 256 cryptogram that even a supercomputer would take more than 10,000 years to break. You can securely store your private keys, seeds, or secrets on NFC cards quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.


Cold Encryption for Seed Phrase recovery hardware.

In addition, Cuvex allows you to establish a multi-signature access control to reach the seeds. This means that the people you configure will need to access your seeds simultaneously, providing an extra layer of security. It's the perfect solution, for example, if you are practicing AutoCustody for a corporate crypto asset wallet, an investment fund, or a family fund.

Our Welcome Pack includes everything you need, whether you already have Cryptoasset Wallets or if this is your first Self-Custody, Sovereign, and Secure device.

Compatible all wallets




Touch Screen

Tech Specifications

Dimension & Weigth
Device: 92mm x 92mm x 35mm
USBC - USBC cable: 1m.
NFC Card: 85mm x 54mm x 85mm.

Device: 150gr.
USB-C Cable 15gr.
NFC Cards: 5gr. each of the cards

No internet connection. 
Bluetooth connection with the Cuvex App, for the Firmware update process.

Device: Matte Black ABS plastic.




An 4 inch colour touchscreen, incorporated to provide a simple and fluent user experience. 

Cuvex is compatible with all wallets on the market. If you now have any type of wallet, you must have BIP 39, Monero, Slip39 seeds or private keys. Use Cuvex to create your cold-encrypted seed recovery process securely.
Box Content
1 Cuvex Device, 1 USB-C Cable, 3 NFC Cards, 1 Sticker, 1 Welcome card with link to user manual.
Warranty and return policy
30 days returns, as long as the factory packaging has not been opened. You have a replacement guarantee. Against any manufacturing problem, your Cuvex Faraday Case is guaranteed for 24 months. Please read the store's terms and conditions carefully.


Material compliance



Holographic "Void" security sticker on the front of the case.

Holographic "Void" sticker located on the USB-C power connector. 


Both stickers are unique codes with which you can verify the traceability of the original shipment, from the Cuvex App.

The Cuvex device only allows the installation of original firmware signed by Cuvex. For them, an asymmetric authentication of the RSA signature of said firmware is materialized.


Anthony - USA

This is the first time I'm heading out on a trip feeling chill. Managed to leave one card at home and always carry the other with me. I don't even sweat it if someone finds them because the info isn't visible anymore, unlike when it was all written down. One less thing to worry about!”

Grace- USA

The shipping was super fast and the packaging was top-notch! It arrived without a single dent, looking all incredible!

Rui - Portugal

I don't understand how I could go so many years without one of these. Having my savings written down on a piece of paper is nonsense, now I have copies everywhere and the most wonderful thing is that the key is in my head, that is unconfiscatable and faithful to the true spirit of Satoshi.

Create your own Watch-Only wallet with Coin Control features

Create your wallet with your own entropy using dice and coin

Manage the receiving addresses

Assign labels to your Utxos

Bluetooth for firmware update

The only way of communication is by temporary one-way Bluetooth connection, where the App sends the new firmware version to Cuvex synchronously. To power your Cuvex device, you'll only need to connect the USB-C cable from the device's slot to the electrical power.

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