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About us

Experts in computer security with more than 20 years of history

We are a group of experts in computer security, blockchain and payment methods, with extensive experience in the field of computer security and payment methods hardware. For years we have been working on high-level projects in these areas, developing effective and cutting-edge solutions to ensure information security and efficient management of payment methods.


Our extensive experience in computer security allows us to provide comprehensive protection to our customers, ensuring that their data is safe and protected from any threat. In addition, our knowledge in blockchain allows us to offer innovative solutions that take advantage of the capabilities of this technology to improve security and efficiency in the management of Self-Custody, Sovereign and Secure.

We are aware of the importance of security and efficiency in the handling of private keys today, so we strive to provide innovative and effective solutions to our customers. Not only do we give them the peace of mind of knowing that their data is safe, but we also allow them to carry out the very important work of selfcustodial of their crypto assets with the greatest security that technology allows today.​

Meet the Team

We are a highly trained and experienced team in computer security, blockchain and payment methods, that work hard to provide effective and cuttingedge solutions to our customers.

Founder & CEO
Cristóbal Rosa
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Founder & CDO
Marta Fernández
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Founder & CTO
Christian Pinzón
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Product Owner & MK Advisor
Maria Zea
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Natalia Lanuza
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The design, development and manufacture of the Cuvex product has been managed in Europe, through the group company Semilla3 OÜ.  Company that leads the initial commercialization of the product globally.    

United States

The parent company, which holds the intellectual property, patent licenses, trademarks, etc., and that is giving entry to new shareholders, is the U.S. company, Semilla3 LLC.

SEMILLA3 LLC, 2093 Philadelphia Pike #7574 Claymont, DE 19703

New Castle  County Delaware (USA) EIN: 35-2834903

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