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Technology & Stack

Listing of technologies, tools, software and hardware components used in your Cuvex 1.0 

We have compiled information with meticulous attention to detail, delving into the key aspects that make up this disruptive device: main features of the components, details on software workflows, and important notes on the implemented security. 

In the spirit of providing complete transparency regarding the solution's implementation, we have included the manufacturer identifier for the hardware components. This will allow you to conduct your own research on each of them. 

In the following image, we can observe the high-level diagram that brings together the main Hardware and Software components, as well as the external components and actors that make up the system. 


The heart of the system

Latest model in the STM32 series from STMicroelectronics, the STM32U585. 


This microcontroller is based on the ARM Cortex-M architecture, with a design specifically tailored to meet the highest security standards and focused on fulfilling the needs of the defense and aerospace industries. It offers efficient performance and minimal power consumption, among its main features we find: 


- 2 AES coprocessor units.

- High resistance to Differential Power Analysis techniques. 

- HASH hardware accelerator. 

- Secured input/output and memory interfaces (Arm® TrustZone®). 

- Trusted path thanks to the unique boot entry and Secure Hidden Protection Area (HDP). 

- Secure firmware installation (SFI) with integrated Secure Root Services (RSS). 

- Secure data storage with unique hardware key (HUK). 


In summary, this military-grade component has been implemented into your Cuvex to provide the market's leading capabilities in cryptography and computer security. This endows your device with the capacity for cold encryption and highly secure data management. 

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