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Technical Information

Data Sheet


The Multi-signature symmetric encryption algorithm uses a fragmentation key, thus increasing the underlying complexity to decrypt the cryptogram, without just a fragment of the key, the attacker will not be able to do anything.

Firmware Update

The update process is designed to ensure adequate maintenance of the software without compromising the encryption mechanism or the isolation of the secure element at any time. The only means of communication is through a temporary one-way Bluetooth connection, where the App synchronously sends the new version of the firmware to the Cuvex. The pairing between the Cuvex device and the App requires validation by OTP and an exchange of certificates, this prevents third parties from using this connection and guarantees the authorship of the update.


Verifiable, visible and editable source code.
Cuvex code can be compiled by yourself..


NONE of the device processes requires a connection to a computer or the Internet, even the firmware update is done offline, it is the App that is responsible for downloading the update and then sending it through a secure unidirectional channel via Bluetooth.


Asymmetric Authentication

The Cuvex device only allows the installation of original firmware signed by Cuvex. For them, an asymmetric authentication of the RSA signature of said firmware is materialized. So even if any process described fails, the device will authenticate the firmware to be installed and delete any attempt to install unauthorized firmware, returning to its original factory configuration.

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