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Sealing and Packaging Cuvex

Ensure that no one manipulates
your device
 is our goal


You will receive Cuvex in a sealed box with a holographic security sticker on the front of the box and shrink-wrapped with clear plastic, and the Cuvex device itself has another holographic sticker located on the USB-C power connector. 

These stickers contain unique codes that allow to validate the traceability and non tampering of the device from the Cuvex App. The user only has to access the App in the security section of the "Validate Traceability" menu, enter the codes printed on both seals and click on validate.

If the box shows any signs of having been opened, peeled off stickers with evidence of the word VOID, remnants of previous labels or the codes on those stamps are not validate in the Cuvex App, the customer should contact the company here and not use the device.

Cuvex has selected the best packaging components to ensure that your device will not be tampered with from the time it leaves our warehouse until you receive it.



If this happens, DO NOT use the device, start the return process from our support, and we will exchange your order for a completely new one.



Innovative solution to ensure the integrity, protection and safety of products.

Designed with a special tape that displays the word VOID, making it easy to identify any tampering attempt.

Excellent protection against pollution and moisture. They are ideal for electronics products, which must be kept in good condition during transport and storage.

Highly accurate and reliable technology.



The use of these bags demonstrates our commitment to the safety and quality of the products we manufacture.

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