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  • Is Cuvex safe?
    The AES 256 encryption algorithm and hardware architecture guarantee the creation of a cryptogram of the highest quality. The device does not store any information, all processes are performed without connection to any external device and without internet connection. Storage on an NFC card is already secure in itself, since only the stored cryptogram can be accessed, which is already encrypted before being stored on the card. AES 256, is possibly the most secure encryption algorithm today. In some published studies, it is estimated that a current supercomputer could take more than 10,000 years to break an AES 256 cipher. This is the encryption algorithm used for military and government secrets. Our code is public and anyone can audit what we say. Despite including the device, a secure hardware element where information is handled for each process, no data is ever stored in it. You only have to guarantee to remember your Passwords, if you forget this information, neither we nor anyone else can help you recover your secret.
  • Is it required to connect the Cuvex device to a computer?
    No, Cuvex does not require connection to a computer, the USB port is only power.
  • Can I update the Password or PIN of an already encrypted cryptogram?
    For security, Cuvex does not erase or rewrite on cards that already have a cryptogram stored. You can always decrypt a card and encrypt a new one, changing the mono or multi-signature access control, with new Passwords.
  • Can any seed of any type of crypto asset be encrypted?
    Yes, you can encrypt even plain text not linked to crypto assets. With Cuvex you can encrypt any secret, private key or seed.
  • What type of Password can I set when encrypting?
    Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols of a minimum of 12 characters are required.
  • Can any NFC card be used?
    Cuvex has selected the best NFC card manufacturers, demanding top-notch quality standards. Your cryptogram will be stored on the chip of the cards, so it must be of first quality and withstand as many read cycles as possible. It makes no sense to save by purchasing cheaper or poorer quality cards. In any case, NFC cards or tags must be compatible with those used by Cuvex. We recommend that you access our catalogue, where you can even request your 100% personalized card.
  • How does the multi-signature encryption process work?
    Cuvex allows you to select the multi-signature option, you only have to indicate how many people are mandatory to decipher and the user flow will indicate when you must give the device to each person, so that they establish their own Password. Up to 6 people can participate in a multi-signature process. When it is intended to visualize the private key or seed encrypted and stored on an NFC card, it will be necessary to enter each of the signatories. It´s not will be necessary for each signer to enter their Password in the order in which these user signed during the encryption process.
  • How does the Clone process work?
    The Cuvex device will ask you to approach the issuer card, the card you want to clone. The device will ask you to approach a blank receiver card and will clone on the new card an exact copy and with the same security of the issuing card. It's that simple!
  • How does the Update process work?
    Our App will notify you that you have an update available by downloading the new version of Firmware to the secure hardware element of your smartphone. ​ Important, do not start the device update process until you download the new firmware version to your smartphone. When you select “Update” from the Cuvex device menu, the device will completely erase the application firmware and activate its BlueTooth module, showing you a code on the screen that you must confirm by entering it in the Cuvex App. If you accept it, the firmware download will begin from the secure element of your smartphone, to the Cuvex device. When you complete the download, the device will cut off the BlueTooth connection, ensuring that your firmware update process is done offline with any third-party device or Internet. ​ Finally, the device and App Cuvex will confirm the update made and the new firmware version.
  • Can I buy a second-hand Cuvex?
    No, any Cuvex device purchased second-hand or from third parties, may be compromised. It is vitally important that you never use a device that is not purchased directly on our website or official distributors. As well as you must check that the factory seal and/or delivery packaging have not been tampered with. If you have any doubt about factory sealing, do not use the device and return it. ​ Learn more about our sealing and packaging process here.
  • What secure element does Cuvex use?
    Reducing costs in this vital part of our device was not an option. We have selected the best, from the best manufacturer that any electronics professional knows. Cuvex mounts STM32U585, the highest quality version marketed by the manufacturer ST. Designed specifically for military-grade hardware encryption, it features its own encryption accelerator engine (AES, PKA, OTFDEC). Our device does NOT store anything in its secure element, but we also decided to implement it in the hardware so that it does not perform any of its temporary tasks of encryption or decryption in a standard memory. In addition, the device is already prepared for future evolutions where the functionalities demanded by the Blockchain industry can be implemented.​
  • How many decryption attempts does Cuvex allow?
    If you enter your password wrong a second time, the device enters a time-locked process in which it supports a new retry. Please make sure you enter your Passwords correctly.
  • Why the best entropy for seed creation is the Coin and Dice?
    All entropy calculated by software demands your trust in that software. If it is you who, completely independent of the software, generate the necessary 23 words by throwing heads or tails and all four dice, you will have no doubt about the quality of the seed that you have created yourself. Although the seed generation softwares are assumed to be a high quality of entropy, none can equal to this completely unique manual process that you are going to create.
  • What happens if Cuvex disappears and my device damages? How will I be able to decrypt my Cuvex cards in the future?
    Cuvex has published its source code on GitHub, being verifiable, visible and editable. Anyone can compile the Cuvex Firmware and run it on similar hardware.

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