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Do not trust Cuvex.

Yes, you read that correctly. 

I can tell you about the three years of research and development, how we have successfully patented our technology globally, and the several million dollars invested. I can remind you that you have full access to our source code, which is verifiable, visible, editable, and compilable by anyone. The same condition applies to our hardware. I can also tell you about the powerful advancements underway, such as our Cuvex 2.0, or the script that enables you to decrypt a cryptogram created by Cuvex, as long as you have the password and a copy of the card, from any PC. This will make you completely independent of us to recover your secret in the future.

But the truth is, there is nothing we can say that will guarantee Cuvex will always be at your disposal, providing you with the support and assistance you need for the rest of your life and that of your descendants.

In today’s world, any project must overcome countless difficulties to succeed and become a company that transcends its creators.

Without a doubt, many more companies disappear than survive.

Furthermore, do not trust anyone, do not trust Ledger, do not trust Trezor, do not trust Coldcard, do not trust anyone.

Any company can close, be sold to new owners, or simply lie about what they claim.

You are responsible for your self-custody, and that means not trusting anyone.

Use the existing tools that convince you the most and always have a backup plan.

If you are here reading this, it is because you are responsible for self-custody and want to achieve peace of mind.

All your property, savings, and investments in crypto assets depend on the custody of a set of words and how you securely store these words to access them when necessary.

Words that you must be able to recover at any moment without depending on anything or anyone.

Paper is clearly not a good option: it can get wet, burn, be photographed, stolen, copied, or destroyed in a thousand different and simple ways. It does not take a war or an earthquake for a piece of paper hidden somewhere to be destroyed.

What can be done? What is the best way to implement self-custody?

I can only share my experience, and you can use this information as it interests and benefits you.

I suppose, like most, I was not among the first to get into Bitcoin. When one starts in this, they are overwhelmed by everything they do not know and the vast amount of adverse situations that have occurred in recent years.

Most of us start by creating an account on an exchange and buying some not-too-significant amounts.

One day, after seeing many harsh news stories where people lose everything due to being on an exchange, you decide to take on self-custody. Not because you have a large amount invested, but to relieve that tension from your mind and fulfill Bitcoin’s noble objective: to be the only one who has control over your investment. Not your keys, not your crypto!

At that moment, you search, read a thousand forums, and decide which wallet you trust… The first complicated situation…

Once you decide, this wallet, whether hardware or hot wallet, creates 12 or 24 words for you. Using a supposed entropy algorithm in which you must blindly trust. Well, this is another topic. If you’re interested, read about it here.

The important thing is that this is where the real challenge begins. Suddenly, you find yourself with the famous keys. Now you are in the "My Keys, My Crypto!!" situation.

Uffffff, fear, insecurity, and anxiety take over…

How is it possible that everything depends on a few words?

How is it possible that I can and should only write them down on paper?

How is it possible that the highest financial technology of our time bases all its security on an invention by Cai Lun during the Han dynasty?

Well, yes, exactly, the safest way to store these words was to write them on paper. And so much so, that this piece of paper is part of the merchandising of all hardware wallets.

Well, like everyone else, I did the same, wrote them down on paper.

I don’t remember the exact time, but very shortly after, less than a week, I had already bought some steel plates.

Logically, how could I trust a piece of paper!

Well, now I knew that my words would not be easily destroyed. But very soon after, I discovered that I was in a very similar situation.

My steel plate was just a copy/redundancy of my seed phrase. If someone simply sees them, they can copy, photograph, steal, etc.

Where do I hide my steel plate?

Do I make another copy and send it to a family member?

Do I transfer the responsibility to that family member?

What is the cost of each steel copy?

How do I travel with my steel plates?

How do I recover them if I am not near my steel plate and need it?

God… a thousand new problems swirling in my mind…

Here, and for these reasons, Cuvex was born!

Cuvex is the perfect high-security redundancy to create copies of your seed phrase.

Yes, If you still don't trust us, I recommend you have a steel plate, just one, and bury it in a place no one could ever imagine. Do it in a way that even for you, it is a significant effort to dig it up.

And use Cuvex to have secure and accessible copies from anywhere. You can send clones of your seed phrase on a simple NFC card to 20 family members and friends, located in 20 different places. They will never be able to access it without the encryption password. There is no danger if they are stolen, they cannot be photographed, and if you lose any of your copies, as long as you access one of them, you will never have to dig up your steel plate.

Only time will tell if Cuvex will be at your service throughout your life.

I can only guarantee that as long as I am leading our company, we will put all our work, effort, creativity, knowledge, and resources into creating the best technology possible to help you in this passionate task.

My goal is that you never have to dig up your steel plate.

Cristóbal Rosa 

Cuvex CEO

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