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New Cuvex 2.0 Now on sale in preorder

Maintaining the same robustness in security while adding new functionalities

We are thrilled to announce that our second model is already in the works!

We have put a lot of effort into listening to our customers and thinking carefully about how to implement all

possible improvements to our initial model. As a result of this effort, we present to you Cuvex 2.0.

Cuvex 2.0

New features

Biometric access with fingerprint

Firmware update process via USB-C cable from our Cuvex App for Smartphones.

Cuvex 2.0 acquires Hardware Wallet capabilities with the new AirGap PSBT signing functionality.

Deliveries for the first half of 2025


Access control to Multi-Signature and Single-Signature

cryptograms through fingerprint recognition

We have implemented an additional layer for accessing encrypted secrets: the biometrics of the rightful owner.


We have integrated a state-of-the-art biometric sensor capable of creating the template of the fingerprints of authorized users necessary to access the decrypted cryptogram.


 Now Multi-Signature and Single-Signature users can choose to add, in addition to the password used for encryption, a biometric access control.


This functionality allows for using a single password for encryption, even if multiple people are required to be present for decryption. The system will request, in addition to the password, each of the fingerprints of the individuals required to decrypt and view the encrypted secret.


Firmware update process via USB-C cable from our Cuvex App for Smartphones.

We have removed the Bluetooth module installed in the hardware.


 We have done this for two reasons:


* To improve firmware installation times 


* To provide our customers with what they have requested.

Cuvex 2.0 acquires Hardware Wallet capabilities with the new AirGap PSBT signing functionality

With our new device, used in combination with our Cuvex App for Smartphones, customers will have a complete system for:

Creating a wallet seed phrase with their own entropy (Dice and Coin Process).

Military-grade encryption of this seed phrase, with high redundancy at the lowest cost, by making copies of the cryptogram on NFC cards.

A privacy-based wallet with a comprehensive Coin Control tool, tagging and documenting every transaction so that you have control over your privacy.

Creating transactions in the Cuvex App and signing them via AirGap PSBT on the Cuvex 2.0 device.


Cuvex 2.0 includes all the functionalities
nd security of Cuvex 1.0

Being fully backward compatible with the cards containing cryptograms generated with Cuvex 1.0.

Compatible all wallets

Biometric Sensor



Touch Screen

Tech Specifications Cuvex 2.0

Dimension & Weigth
Device: 92mm x 92mm x 35mm
USBC - USBC cable: 1m.
NFC Card: 85mm x 54mm x 85mm.

Device: 180gr.
USB-C Cable 15gr.
NFC Cards: 5gr. each of the cards

No internet connection.  
USB-C connection with the Cuvex App, for the Firmware update process.

Device: Matte Black ABS plastic.




An 4 inch colour touchscreen, incorporated to provide a simple and fluent user experience. 

Cuvex is compatible with all wallets on the market. If you now have any type of wallet, you must have BIP 39, Monero, Slip39 seeds or private keys. Use Cuvex to create your cold-encrypted seed recovery process securely.
Box Content
1 Cuvex Device, 1 USB-C Cable, 3 NFC Cards 8K, 1 Sticker, 1 Welcome card with link to user manual.
Warranty and return policy
30 days returns, as long as the factory packaging has not been opened. You have a replacement guarantee. Against any manufacturing problem, your Cuvex Faraday Case is guaranteed for 24 months. Please read the store's terms and conditions carefully.


CE Certification
FCC Certification

Material compliance



Holographic "Void" security sticker on the front of the case.

Holographic "Void" sticker located on the USB-C power connector. 


Both stickers are unique codes with which you can verify the traceability of the original shipment, from the Cuvex App.

The Cuvex device only allows the installation of original firmware signed by Cuvex. For them, an asymmetric authentication of the RSA signature of said firmware is materialized.

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