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Conoce Nuestra App Cuvex. 

Know our Cuvex App

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"Watch Only"
Alerts of reduction or increase of balance

How often do you usually check the balance of your wallets? Do you know if they have just undergone any changes?

If you wish, from your card profile you can link the public keys of your Crypto assets. As you know, this data does not give the App any control of them, it only allows it to show you the balance and transactions of them. 

This data is stored in the secure element of your Smartphone, and if you activate the Cuvex Balance Alerts service it will subscribe to its cloud block explorer engine.

Cuvex will never have knowledge or ability to know the link between user and public keys linked to the Balance Alerts service.

Learn about our Zero Knowledge Policy here.

Our Balance Alerts service constantly examines the blocks and will show you the balance of your Wallet live; we will inform you in real time when your Wallet has balance changes, either decreases or increases.


Dices and Coin


Create your seed with Dices and Coin.

Any entropy calculated by software requires your trust in said software.

Do you completely trust your current seed? Did you create it with true entropy, or was your seed created by others?

Cuvex helps you by simplifying the sovereign creation of your seed. Our Create seed function delegates the entropy to the Coin and Dice method, requiring your direct participation in the process. There is no safer and higher entropy way than this to create a seed with the best procedure.

We have only loaded the dictionary of the BIP 39 standard, in the code of the Cuvex App, and implemented the algorithm for calculating the Hash of word 24 locally in your App, without consuming any external service and using the secure element of your smartphone .

That is, we delegate to you the 100% important and unique part of the generation of the first 23 words and we simplify the cold creation process without an internet connection and without depending on third parties.

Don't assume that the quality of your seed is perfect if you haven't participated in the entropy of its creation yourself.

Firmware update 

Keeping your Cuvex device updated is not only a guarantee of security and stability, but it will also allow you to enjoy all the new features that we are implementing.

From the App, we will notify you of each update we launch and you can synchronize your Cuvex device, through a fully encrypted Bluetooth connection with an asymmetric key exchange and with the validation of the Firmware Hash, which makes the update process completely safe, without having to connect it to a PC.


Being able to carry it out from the Smartphone itself, allows great usability and speed for any client, regardless of their technical knowledge.


Verification of your cards

We do not recommend that you physically mark or label your Cuvex cards.  


From our App, you can have a control of your cards by viewing their assigned Alias in the configuration you make from the Cuvex device, e.g.: "BTC Investment", through which to know which Cryptogram you stored. 


In addition, the App helps you by controlling the useful life of the cards. The cards are approximately 10 years old, or 15,000 lifecycles. The App will notify you when it is recommended that you clone your cryptogram to a new card.

Know our Cuvex App

ENG_botón iOS_20231030.png
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